Jurakan: Nation in Resistance Tour

Close to a year in the making, Puerto Ricans in Action, the filmmakers of Jurakan (Rosa & Gonzalo) and the Puerto Rican community throughout California. Were able to put together this wonderful screening tour of their film Jurakan: Nation in Resistance.”

These west coast Boricuas came out strong! Screening the film to 500 people across the state! Visiting University of California - San Barbara, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco, Logan Heights Library in San Diego, University of California - San Diego, University of California - Davis, Echo Park Film Center - Los Angeles, and ending with a private screening at SEIU in Los Angeles, CA.

A message from the Rosa and Gonzalo:

"Thank you for making the Jurakán California Tour a reality! We couldn't have done it without your hard work. We believe Jurakán is a tool that helps understand Puerto Rico's crisis. Thanks to your support more Boricuas know a bit more about their history and are better prepared to face the future. In addition, this experience opened our eyes to the great things Boricuas are doing in California, and thanks to that we are better prepared to produce Jurakán: part 2. We hope to see you again in the near future!”

University of California - San Barbara


MCCLA in San Fransico

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Logan Heights Library in San Diego


University of California - San Diego

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University of California - Davis

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Echo Park Film Center Los Angeles

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SEIU - Los Angeles