Media written about our  Let’s Talk About Puerto Rico

Media written about our Let’s Talk About Puerto Rico

Let’s Talk About Puerto Rico

A traveling lecture series that covers Puerto Rican art, music, history and current affairs. We always include children’s art activities and light refreshments.

Email us and let us know where you live and where we should hold our next event. Professionals, we invite you to speak at our event on a topic of your choice.

Featured topics covered:

What does it mean to be a colony? What is the meaning behind, “La Borinqueña”? Who is comedian Freddie Prinze? Who is Oscar López Rivera? What is the history of filmmaking in Puerto Rico? What is Bomba and its rhythms? What is happening in the education department in Puerto Rico? Do families living in Puerto Rico have clean water?

We welcome creative conversations!

Past Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk About Puerto Rico was born out of our pledge to host 35 acts in the next 100 days. Help us accomplish this challenge!

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From now until the first of the new year, PRiA is committed to completing 35 acts for Puerto Rico. We need your help though. Invite us to your cities, help us plan an event in your neighborhood, plan your event at your school, workplace, church, senior centers, cultural centers, etc. This needs to happen for our community to start to build a Puerto Rican network, and collective voice, in Southern California.


Salsa Dancing Class, Bomba Class, General Meet Up, Potluck, Domino Tournament, Beach Day/Pool Parties, Movie Screening.