Community Outreach

Puerto Ricans in Action's community outreach is focused on raising awareness about Puerto Rico, the effects of Hurricane Maria, which hit on September 20, 2017, and the ways everyone can help. 


Polytechnic School - Oct. 2017

We are embarking on a partnership with the fourth grade science class at Polytechnic. These four girls invited us to be presented at the school assembly when they announced their donation drive for Puerto Rico. We then held an interactive workshop for their class on how Hurricane Maria devastated the island, and then answered all of their questions. The students are very dedicated to this drive and we look forward to this partnership developing.  

harvard house.jpg

Harvard House Benefit Music Festival - November 2017

The bands and men behind this local music festival were wonderful enough to include PRiA for this benefit event. Their goal was to raise money and awareness for the disasters in Mexico and Puerto Rico, and we were happy to be part of it. The music was fun and the guests actively asked us questions about our work and the status of PR.


Goin’ Up - Oct 2017

This halloween extravaganza was hosted by Goin’ Up, Butter music + sound, Sonos, Hidden Track Music, and the band Lemaitre. We were honored to be the selected charity for the evening, that brought over 700 party goers. 


Turn of the Century Benefit Concert - Oct 2017

Turn of the Century is a 90’s cover band based out of Long Beach, CA, and they reached out to us with the desire to raise money for solar power in Puerto Rico. The band allowed us to introduce our work and share our stories about our recent trip to Puerto Rico with their audience.


Cali Hustle X Flowers RDM - October 2017

We have a BIG thank you to Flower RDM and Aponteporo for allowing us to part of their  show at Los Globos in Los Angeles. This was one of our first public education opportunities and we got to speak to over 70 people about Puerto Rico.


#NoLaJunta #NOPromesa

On June 26, 2016, rallied against Senate Bill 2328, PROMESA, in solidarity with rally’s across Puerto Rico, and the Nation. The protest was held outside the Federal Building in Downtown L.A.  


Reina Mora Benefit Concert - Oct 2017

Reina Mora was one of the first people to help us start our hurricane relief efforts, and so when she reached out to us to be a part of her concert we jumped at the opportunity. Reina is also a survivor of Hurricane George, which struck Puerto Rico in 1998. We were present to answer questions and fundraise for Puerto Rico relief aid.

20170531_221311 copy.jpg

Meeting Oscar Rivera Lopez

On May 31, 2017, we were honored to join the Bay Area Puerto Rican community in welcoming Oscar Lopez Rivera to California. The final audience count was nearly 300.

The hosts shared recent proclamations by both the Berkeley City Council, and San Francisco's County Board of Supervisors.  Oscar took the stage and spoke about his gratitude for the men and women that fought for his independence for over 36 years (1981-2017). The event ended with an emotional chorus of La Borinqueña. 


Hurricane Irma Benefit Concert at El Floridita - Sept. 2017

The night hurricane Irma made landfall in Puerto Rico, PRiA held its first hurricane relief benefit concert at El Floridita in Hollywood, CA, along with the local clothing line IAmHomeMade and the bomba band Cunya. El Floridita later became one of the donation hubs for Puerto Rico in the Los Angeles community.