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SoCal Stands with Puerto Rico!

  • Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA United States (map)

On Sunday, September 23rd, we will march through the heart of Hollywood, in unity with a grassroots coalition of thousands around the nation and island, who will be taking to the streets to focus the nation's attention on this callous and craven neglect of U.S. Citizens., and honor the 4,645 lives lost with a moment of silence.  

 Thank you to Uprose for laying out these demands:

  • Drop the Debt: Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is a direct result of colonialism and austerity policies inflicted on the island by the US government. In order to survive this crisis Puerto Rico needs full debt relief to focus on emergency response and a just recovery and just transition from the extractive economy.

  • Repeal the Jones Act: The Jones Act is an unfair and outdated law that has delayed relief and increased shipping costs to Puerto Rico. The devastation in Puerto Rico will require unrestricted access to imported goods and resources for any foreseeable future and the free movement of relief for an indefinite period. Therefore, the Jones Act needs to be permanently lifted.

  • Release the Aid: Many Puerto Ricans are still without access to power, clean water, and healthy food. We call on the international community to assist Puerto Rico with emergency aid and supporting grassroots brigades in the equitable distribution of aid on the ground.

  • Say NO to PROMESA: The issue of Puerto Rico’s status as a US territory cannot be divorced from emergency response and recovery initiatives. Puerto Rico’s status is one of the root causes that have left Puerto Rico with crippling debt and crumbling infrastructure before the storm. It is also hindered the ability of Puerto Ricans on the island to resource the emergency response and recovery work that needs to be done.

  • Push for a Just Recovery & Transition: FEMA is currently pushing policies to promote relocation rather than rebuilding, paving the way for disaster capitalism, displacement, and gentrification. A just recovery is ensures that Puerto Ricans remain on the island to preserve Puerto Rican culture and way of life. It also requires Puerto Rican self-determination and sovereignty to govern resources in harmony with the needs of the people and the earth. 

  • Support for Puerto Rican Climate Refugees: Many Puerto Ricans are being displaced from the island out of necessity, not choice. As Puerto Ricans flee the island for safety in New York City, we must support them in meeting their basic needs, transitioning to life in New York City, and connecting them with local community support resources.

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